The most perfect chocolate chip gluten free cookie

In order to tell you about this cookie, I first need to tell you about the best grocery store (calling it a grocery store doesn’t exactly do it justice) in the world. Yes, the world. Wegmans. If you are from these parts…or even the north east part of this country, I don’t have to explain myself. If you’re not from these parts, my sympathies.

When our (now 5) daughter was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease, having a Wegmans 5 minutes away was a godsend. They have their own products that are clearly labeled gluten free, which is extremely helpful. They also have an entire section devoted to gluten free and organic food. (Nature’s Marketplace). They now also have their own cake mixes, pastas (hands down the best gluten free pasta I’ve tried), brownie mixes, and chocolate chip cookie mixes…just to name a few. This perfect cookie in the picture was made from a Wegmans chocolate chip cookie mix. 90% of what I bake gluten free, is from scratch, but I leave a few things up to the experts.

So, like me…if you are looking for a very good chocolate chip cookie, that just happens to be gluten free…and you don’t want to reinvent the wheel…pick up a box of these. Our store has them for $3.49.


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